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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bright International Centre for me?

“Your future is surely bright in Australia” and we wanted you to know that Bright International Centre is your bright way to take to enjoy an international education. We commit to provide professional counselling, application processing, visa application and process, flight arrangements and pre-departure briefing. But of course, Bright International Centre does not stop in there. You have us to guide you all the way. We provide you services and aids in reaching your dream to have a life in Australia.

What are the requirements that will be needed from me by Bright International Centre?

First thing we require our client is the qualifying IELTS result. It is matched with the requirement by the Australian institutions from their international students. Basically, vocational and foundation courses require IELTS score of 5.5. But mainly, qualifying IELTS score depends on the requirement of every university.

What is the best university in Australia?

Australia has different universities that introduce various specific specialisations. What we do is we match your qualifications with the specialisation of a specific university. Though yes, most of the time, we recommend that you have chosen a university located in Melbourne since that is where our main office is located, we still want you to know that anywhere you will be in Australia, we can extend our help to you.

How do I start my chance of studying in Australia?

What you can do is you go visit our website, go ahead and contact us through email or mobile. But of course, what we usually want our client to do is to visit us here in our office so we can explain to you all the necessary information that you need to know face-to-face. Our office is always open to serve you from Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

Quality Service

Surely, we can assist you in your application to study in Australia. No matter where you are, if your intention is to come and study in Australia, Bright International Centre will be your bright way. No boundaries!

With us, we assure you that it will be free of charge as we are being paid by your chosen university to help you. The services will include application to the chosen university and lodgment of student visa with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). We can legally handle your visa submission since we are a registered migration company.

You can always trust our counsellors as they only give quality service and honest opinions.


As much as we would like to readily provide specific migration details, we deem it not advisable to do so. The complicated details could be subject to inaccurate interpretation by untrained individuals.

For further knowledge on your visa category, occupational options, and other migration information, just fill out our PRE-CONSULTATION FORM so that our expert immigration consultants can review your case and provide you with reliable and detailed information. We will give you a call within a week after reviewing your details. The pre-consultation service is for FREE. Even if you’re still uncertain about migrating, you can still consult with us. We simply want to help you get an overview of your possible options as misinterpretation of Migration Rules could lengthen the migration process for you.

However, to further and more accurately assist you, it would be best for you to visit us at our Metro Manila office so that we could sit down and have a more interactive communication. Should there be some problems that usually would not transpire through initial consultation, rest assure that the initial consultation is also for FREE. We would like to provide you the best service possible, so visit us at our office and you can already start with your migration process.

Additional Requirements:
– Transcript of Records
– Diploma/Completion Certificate
– Valid IELTS Results (Academic Module)
– Passport Copy
– Employment Certificate
– Resume/Biodata
– References
– Proof of Professional Registration (PRC)
– Board of Examination Rating
– Portfolio of Work
– Course Descriptions (for Credit Request)

Visa Application

For you to enter Australia, you are required by the Australian Embassy to process your visa. The embassy requires you to lodge your application through the visa lodgment center for at least two weeks before the orientation schedule at your institution. With this, documents are needed to be settled together with your visa application. These are:

– Visa Application Form
– Visa Application Fee
– Lodgment Fee
– Valid Passport
– IELTS Result
– Academic Transcript of Records
– eCOE
– Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, dependents’ expenses, return airfare)
– Evidence sufficient income

For more detailed information, you can always ask your counselor.

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