Until now, I still couldn’t believe my family is already holding an Australian PR visa. It was a dream a year ago but everything had finally came true. It was a big decision for us to finally push through with our application.

Looking for the right migration agent wasn’t an easy task. I researched carefully through the internet and even went through initial assessments conducted by several migration agencies here in the Philippines.

I chose Bright International Centre over the others for a lot of reasons.

When I entered their office, I knew I could trust them. I silently admired their straightforward approach. They patiently explained to us the entire migration process, advised us on matters crucial and answered all our questions systematically. I observed that MARA registered agencies like Bright upholds their Code of Ethics seriously.

After discussing and weighing our options, we finally gave it a go. I just needed to do my part in the entire process, which was to furnish my credentials, and other requirements, then they took care of the rest.

I was really fortunate to have them as partner. Looking back, we couldn’t have done it without their professional help. That arduous, stressed-laden and high – pressured ordeal was all worth of the time, patience and effort. Words were not enough to describe what we felt the day we received the good news. I just felt tears of joy running down my face and the feeling of relief was overwhelming. The waiting was over and our path is now clear.

Our sincerest thanks to the Bright Team, especially to Catherine. She knew well how to listen to and handle my queries. Her unassuming ways made me feel confident and assured in my application. But don’t let her cool composure fool you. Because under that exterior is a compassionate individual who knows that beyond documents, forms and migration requirements, a family like us is just one of many Filipinos earnestly looking for a brighter future in another land. Our family is truly grateful to you. May the Bright International Centre continue to prosper and help others realize their dream.

Sincerely yours,
Melanie G. Cordon, Accountant
Visa grant date September 27, 2011