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Easy Steps in Getting an International Education

As much as Bright International Centre wanted to immediately send out individuals who wish to study in Australia, we still need to follow certain easy and essential procedures to do so.

The items below present the things needed to be realised for an individual has to take to get a great opportunity to become an international student.


Bright International Centre has cousellors who will provide best knowledge regarding your course options and all the important information about the institutions that offer these programs. The counselor who you will be talking to will base the offer that will be given to you on your qualifications, working experience, course eligibility, and budget. Pieces of advice and information about your application will be given to you in detail and will be explained to you thorougly to enable you to make a decision.

2.School Application

Once you have already made up a decision of pursuing your opportunity to start a life in Australia, kindly submit all the necessary requirements to your respective counselor. Your counselor will then process the submission of your application to your chosen institution.

3.Offer Letter

If you have successful applications, your chosen institution will send you an offer letter through Bright International Centre. The letters could be conditional or unconditional. Below is presented the approximate processing time of applications.

1-2 weeks for Schools, Foundation and Vocatioanl programs

4-6 weeks for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Coursework) programs

6-8 weeks for Postgraduate (Research) programs

4.Tuition Payment

Whenever you received the Offer Letter and signed the acceptance form through Bright International Centre, you will need to pay the tuition fees by bank (payments are directly made to the institution). When done with the payment, you will be given the receipt and we will be requiring you to email us that receipt for proof and documentation purposes.

5.Enrolment Confirmation

Upon receiving the receipt through email, we will process and follow up your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) which confirms your admission to your chosen institution.

6.Visa Application

When we have in hand your eCOE, we will require you to submit to us the requirements for your visa application. We usually that the requirements be provided at your earliest convenience. We would ask you to email them for us to do the assessment. After assessing them, we will lodge your visa application to the Australian Embassy. The processing time for visa application usually takes 8-12 weeks however visa decisions maybe received earlier or later than the specified schedule.

NOTE: There are cases that would require our applicant to have pre-visa assessment stage. In these instances, Pre-Visa Approval (PVA) must be received firat form the embassy, thus we require our clients to have the PVA first before paying the tuition fees.

7.Visa Grant

After dealing with all the important steps, you will then be granted with your visa which will open your door to enter Australia and become an international student.

Of course, everything does not end when you were granted with your visa. Our help, support and guidance will continue on your stay in Australia. Once you settle all the needed documents and requirements, we will provide you with necessary information on different on-campus and off-campus accommodation.

Before you fly to Australia, your counselor will discuss with you the pre-departure guidelines, life and study in Australia in order to prepare you.