Admissions 24/7

Bright can deliver resources to execute simple back office business administration through to more complex and specialized jobs. Our people are knowledgeable on what your needs are and how you should be seen through the eyes of your customers. We specialize in International Admissions Service Delivery. We understand your business.

Positions to consider:

  • Data Entry Officer
  • Admission Officer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Marketing Officer

We can provide expert, enthusiastic and reliable staff to work with you. Our people will have university qualifications specializing in an area targeted to your needs, and will be able to assist you in managing your workloads, streamlining your processes, and working through key business activities. This is a great way for Managers, Small Teams and Entrepreneurs to free up time and focus on other activities.

Tasks may include:

  • Data Processing and Entry
  • Administration Tasks
  • Issuing offer letters, eCOEs, reminder letters
  • Market Research
  • Answering enquiries

At all times, you will have a local account manager that you will know on a first-name basis – that you can call or email at any time to resolve any issues. If any issues arise – we’ll fix them right away.



We know you probably have a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer them for you. Some of the most common queries are below but feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your needs, and how we can work with you to place a great new remote resource.


Our office in the Philippines is located in the central business district at the Ortigas Centre – it is right beside the Philippines Stock Exchange. It is in a very convenient location and well known among locals. It’s a great office environment and also close to the heart of Manila with all major retail stores, restaurants and fast food shops are just across the road.


It’s really easy. You will have full access to your staff member via phone, skype, email, and instant messaging. You can see them face to face via Skype. It’s all highly transparent – your dedicated staff member is there for you at all times that you need them. We’ve also invested in technology – we have a cloud based platform that enables project and task tracking so the you can easily track the work that your new resource is undertaking.


It actually works really really well with Manila. It’s on the same time zone as Perth. So that means that when it’s 10am in Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne, it’s 8am in Manila. That means that you can get your day organised, review everything that’s going on – and set out all the activities that you’d like your new staff member to perform so that everything’s ready to go when they get to work in the morning.

If you need your resource to be starting work at 8am AEST – that’s OK too – we are happy to organise a resource to commence work at 6am Manila time.


We put plenty of things in place to ensure that you are happy – but for peace of mind – It’s no different to any other situation with your normal staff members. We encourage you to identify the problems, talk through the issues and resolve the problem – we have 2 layers of management in place to help. You will always have an account manager that you can call at any time in Australia. In addition, you will have an Account Manager / Supervisor in Manila, that you can call at any time. Along with all of our other policies and procedures – you can be assured that you will see a satisfactory outcome to any issue.